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Hi andy

Often we concentrate on ourselves too much. We dwell on the past. That's only natural, the trick is to take our mind off this. Helen's idea of volunteer work is a very good one. Get you off the street for a while, keep you busy, and aslo help with your self esteem issues.
I realise there are people worse off than me. I try to address that by visiting these and other forums and hopefully offer some good advice. By doing this, I am aslo filling in my time,helping other people, and also helping with my own self worth.
We all have trouble with this self esteem issue. The lousy feelings will gradually dissipate. One day at a time.
Keep posting. 262 days is something you should be proud of. Be proud of it.
My biggest problem when gambling was boredom. Find something you enjoy doing. Reading,gardening,volunteer workk,bike ride etc.
I know money is a problem. We all face that monster. Things will get better. You are not alone.

Best wishes

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