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Good evening, tomtomwill
It seems to me that a good start has been made by you and your partner. The fact he has attended two meetings is very encouraging and indicates a willingness to stop. Don't be surprised about the few responses online. As Roy has suggested, we are not experts or counsellors so it is not appropriate for me or others to offer financial advice. You need to find other agencies which could help you with that aspect. It should not be too difficult using a search engine. The most important thing you have done, as Roy has again indicated, is find out about Gamanon. As a compulsive gambler myself it is easy for me to identify with your partner, not so easy to identify with your predicament. If you find the nearest Gamanon, you will get support from others who understand your position but who also have experienced it and come through the other side. Therefore, in summary, you must look after yourself and go to Gamanon and your partner must continue to attend GA in order to stop gambling. I hope you both can come through this.

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