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First Year
Hi just thought i would share that it is my pinning at manchester ga today 29-3- for first year in reality sould say our pinning as there are 9 people being pinned so shows it works. I am a bit anxiou as familly and freinds of ga will be there. My mum and Dad will be there they know of the moneys lost and self harm to myself physically and emotionally they have had to put up with alot including my sister who has been a rock, just dont want to upset them or go on to much about things i did to get money etc suppose thats in the past. Life has changed so much even though i still struggle with my severe depression i now always take my tablets sleep is still a problem but thats improvig still get up to late but with help of sleeping tablets do sleep3-4 hours sometimes . finally i now look forward to a future i had 11 years in at a good computer company which went through the gambling now iam at collage doing accountancy work and a europen computer liecence so i look forward to the future.

Good going.
My 12 months were up in january. I still have the occasional bad sleepless night, but nothing like when I was gambling.
Look forward to reading your post in 2011 to celebrate 2 years.

Best wishes

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