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just talk
i came on here to get myself away from the online gaming sites,started off with a few quid here and there now it s getting silly,i want to no if there is any1 with the same problem,when i lose i am on a real low then when i win its never enough,if any1 wants to reply please feel free.xx
Hi winning is never enough and then when you do win i normally end up spending what i have won anyway, back on gambling. Sometimes it is very pointless just going round and round in circles.
HIi lisa greed is what a gambler does compulsie or not the differance ia compulsive gambler is always greedy but money is not the main issue you are gambling with something bigger your future.My advice lisa is take little positive steps try going to ga meeting iam sure you will be wellcome then take it from there the one thing you cant do is ignore the problem good luck geoff. <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt="Big Grin" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->
yer alix the same, would hate to add up the times i have been on a high because i have won then on a low because i have put all my winnings back on,thinking ill win more.greedy i no. or i will think well ill break even and just leave what i have put back on,but end up spending that, since writing on here i now know i have a problem and have not been on them, how silly have i been making the rich richer and me been skint, well no more i am better than that, but saying that its been 3 days, i think 3 years i should be celebrating, my problem has been i have had nobody to talk to about it as people just say well dont play the slots etc, how have u been alix u still gambling, have u been 2 meetings ect let me no
geoff do u think meetings r the right answer thanks for reply,if u dont mind me asking whats your situation,you dont have to reply if u dont want to.lisa
A guy told me that you have to know when to walk out the shop. Preferably never to go in again.
pearly if olny it was that easy mate
Hi Lisa

I went to my first meeting this week. I was rather worried about going thought about itall day at work etc before hand but had promised myself i would get on the road to beating gambling. I have had some massive highs and lows in the last week. I have posted my story on here, in the share section entitled " at last i want to a meeting" have a look at at.

I myself have said before i can get over this myself i can stop gambling, all that has happened with me is i have stop for a couple of weeks, then something has happened and i have gone right back to it. Because gambling was my way of always escaping anything bad that was going on in my real world. My big test for me if going to be at the end of the month when i get my wages, i have every hope and expectation for myself that with my financial plans and honesty to the people around me that i will not do whati did this month and gamble everything away, i dont want to gamble as there are so many nicer things out there i could be doing or having. My first meeting was on the 30th March and i intend to keep going.

Gambling has been my way of hiding away for so long i am now going to channel my thoughts into other things, i have already even noticed in the last 3 days i started to concetrate more at work because i have now handed the financial reins over and dont have my switch card etc i am not constantly thinking when can i get out of work to go and have a little gamble.

what i thought before i went to a meeting was am i going to be the only female there because i thought gambling was only a things men did, how silly was i no it is not only a male thing. Maybe that was just another excuse i was giving myself not to go i dont no.

Go to a meeting it will help.. Also what i learnt this week is you can get yourself banned from betting shops and book makers volunteraly.
god going to a meeting would mean i have to let my husband no i have a problem so far i have managed to keep it under wraps.he dont no i have borrowed money etc.i have banned myself from every site and so far have not put our hard earned money on any other gaming sites ,but it is still there in my head i dont go to betting shops its all on line,which is even worse cause i am not handing money over so i dont see it,i think there are more women now gambling now to try and get out of debts etc but then making matters worse.just wish i never started,and i also forget about it and read my emails i must have 100 a day thanks for your reply i will look at your post x
you could go to a meeting for yourself more than anything "guest" by going to a meeting does not mean you need to tell everyone everything. But if you did speak to your husband it may make things better because what i have learnt is that as a gambler i thought no one new what i was up to but they actually did/ do. Because alot of lies begin to be told. If you want to stop, speak to people around you if not your husband someone that you trust etc.

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