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I have had a gambling problem for the last ten or so years- but the last two weeks I have hit an all time low stealing a large sum of money from my employer from a third party- previosuly my family have bailed me out but cant this time. I attended GA meetings in 2003- 04 and was free from fgambling for 6 months- but drifted away and now am in deep trouble. Iam not sure what my next step is- I am awaiting a call from the police fraud squad. In nthe last 12 months Gambling has took over my life and has ruined me. Can it be beat?

Big Trouble
Hi big trouble

Gambling can be beaten. You just have to understand that it is a life long commitment. We are, and will always be compulsive gamblers. We cannot have even the smallest of bets.

You say for 6 months you attended GA and were gamble free. Why did you stop going? I am not trying to put the boot in, I am just curious as to why you stopped going to GA. Did you feel as though you had the problem licked etc...?

Unfortunately we do often cross the line in how we obtain money. Some get caught, some don't. Either way, I hope at least that this is your wake up call...your 'rock bottom'.

Is your employer aware of what you have done? If not, it might be advisable to tell him. Hard choice I know, but if you do tell him what you have done,why you did it, and what you plan to do about restitution, you would surely be better off if/when you have to face the legal system.

Hopefully other members who have experience along these lines can advise you better than I can.

Best wishes
hi get back to ga . good luck ken

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