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Im Andy a compulsive gambler and now having gone 269 days now without a bet ,feel that it is now only a matter of time before I gamble again. Purely because Im so bored, lifeless, got no girlfriend, got no friends, fun doesn't exist in my life any more,and even though I do things like gym,sport,football,nothing is giving me any motivation. Ive never got any money, so no change there,all it is is worrying and scratting to pay bills. Im angry,frustrated and red with rage because nothing,absolutely nothing good ever goes,or happens,its always bad, despite no gambling, its hopeless.I try to make my business work,but its virtually hopeless,beyond hopelessness.I never see anyone from day to day and the feeling of solitary confinement has driven me insane and mental.Ive lost my mind and thats all without gambling,so I may as well just go and gamble anything I can get my hands on.
Hi Andy

I think in our situation we have to understand that we will be struggling for a while to get back on an even keel. I don't have any spare cash either. What I do have is a couple of hobbies that I enjoy.

If you can give thought to what you might enjoy doing, as opposed to filling in time, I think you will feel a bit better. As for the money situation not improving, every time you make a payment you are in less debt. Give yourself a pat on the back. Don't be so hard on yourself.
269 days!
Don't throw that effort & sacrifice away. It will get better, both financially & emotionally.
Hang in there.

Can you apply for "hardship" with some of your creditors? Talk to a financial counsellor.
They may be able to offer you suggestions re your debt.

Best wishes
Hi Andy
Most people who have been in the recovery programme can relate to your frustrations. One matter you don't cover in your sharing is how often you attend meetings. When I came to GA, I felt as empty as you do, long after the 269 days stage. However, I continued to go to meetings, sometime 4 per week so I never allowed myself to feel lonely. Today, 14 years down the line, I still attend two or three meetings a week. I have never found anything other than GA meetings that can replace that emptiness of the gambling void. I have tried all sorts of pastimes and hobbies and they usually last for a few months and I get bored. The meetings is the only thing I have successfully treated with discipline. Furthermore, I actually enjoy them today and my best friends are in GA. It is to be enjoyed, not endured. I was best man at a GA member's wedding last year. With your regards to your business/finances, it is tough out there. The whole country is coming out of a recession so almost nobody has been unaffected. The economic climate is generally tough. But more specifically, I agree with Roy, you will get on an even keel after a short time. The more I hang around GA, the more I realise how true the book is when it states that the financial problems are the easiest to solve. If you keep working away, financial insecurity might not leave you immediately but the fear of financial insecurity will leave you. Please just hang in there - this too will pass and in several weeks and months you will look back on it and be stronger for it. The alternative is unthinkable.
I hope this is helpful
No I went and gave in,I gambled,298 days of hard work not gambling,all wasted.The bookie got me,got theyre fill and theyre pockets lined,yet again.
Im a LOSER>always have been always will be.

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