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re gamblers anonymous meetings
Just thought I might share something regarding GA meetings.
These meetings are not an easy fix to anyones gambling.
First thing when you go there you need to be ready to admit that you are powerless over gambling.
You need to have a great desire to overcome your gambling.
Not to be there NOT because someone has said that you need to go to a meeting.
What you put into the GA meeting is what you will reap.
You DO NOT have to be religious to practise the twelve steps.
It does help to believe that there is a higher power - whatever your understanding is. Maybe just something that got you into the meeting in the first place!
Everyone in the room has been a very sick person and some are still sicker than others.
Levitate towards the people who you relate to.
Ask questions.
Seek a sponsor - someone who can guide you in the right direction if you feel you are not 'making it'.
These meetings are exactley the same around the whole world - that inself is something to think about!
You can go along and enjoy yourself - it's not about beating yourself up.
Take your time and be most of all PATIENT!!
Things will fall in place.
Best of all -
Have a great, happy and loving life without the addiction of gambling.

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