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Fruit Machine Problems
I am a 20 year old part time worker and i have recently moved into a flat with my girlfriend. I have always liked placing the odd bet and putting money in fruit machines because i could afford to do so but now even though i know i shouldn't i still can't help myself. I don't know if its because i have a gambling problem or if its just the fact i am finding it hard to adjust to having to budget my money for the flat etc. Everytime i do gamble i think to myself why am i doing this but the thought of winning seems to take over. When i lose i get in such a bad mood and i am absolutely gutted with myself. Am annoyed because i have lost and also because i know i should't be betting with the money i have. I also excuse what i do by saying that i only put my change in it after i buy a drink but i do that alot. I'd appreciate any advice. The fruit machine is really my only vice i dont really gamble..i play poker but enjoy that and dont get wound up as much when i lose. What do i do? I'd really appreciate any advice.
Hello, i think it is great you are on here and you obviously recognise you may have or potentially run into problems. My gambling started in a similar... fruit machines, the odd bet, a scratch card here and there this was at about the age of 18, im only 22 now, it then esculated seemingly year on year all the time me knowing i had a problem... it turned into 24 hour online sessions, cross addictions, trying every theory in the book, with no win being big enough, and every loss seeming to be justified in the fact that i shouldnt be doing it... i have worked solidly for 4 years and thrown everything away, if i could go back to those hours i spent at the fruit machine and see where it might lead i would never play them again... i have been off a bet some time now, and know one day at a time i can stay off it, my advice to you would be do the same, you have a great situation with a house a loving girlfriend dont let gambling ruin that for you, because speaking from experience it will all i have is the knowledge that for 4 of my best years gambling has broken me but i have the peace of mind that just for today it wont. don't let it break you, and what you have worked for... stay focused on what you want in live, and know the devil is always on your shoulder, but god will always be on your side.

my advice is learn from my mistakes... 'you can easily gamble your life away'
Hi - i too put money in machines - way too much. I have a seperate account from my husband and he does not know how much i earn so as long as the bills that i am responsible for are paid he does not suspect anything. I earn hundreds per month more than he thinks and that is how much i put in the machines every month, some months it is more and i lie and ask him for money from our building society account - i tell him that it is to lend to my mother or my friends and he always gets it for me and then i have to pay it back over the next few months so those months i have less to gamble with. Ocassionally i win so that tides me over. You need to stop before your addiction starts affecting your ability to pay bills for your flat - i know that i am a right one to talk but i have been like this for 20 years - i cannot stop and have finally come to this site in the hope of finding help. Most of the time i do it when i am bored - thats all it is. I have software on my computer to stop me going on internet sites but wish i could remove the fruit machine places in my town!!

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