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Hi Andy,
I have just read your post and i really feel for you.I have felt very similar to the way you are feeling,my gambling started after a serious car accident which wasnt my fault but has left me unable to work due to life long spinal injurys.I can walk ok but i have days where im in agony stuck at home every day watching the minutes tick on the clock.What im trying to say is that i gambled online at home to cure the boredom and depression i was suffering from but before i knew it i was a hooked gambler that wasted thousands and ended up in a lot of debt.Please dont go back to gambling as you will ruin your life completely.Do you have any family or good friends around you to support you as i think you could do with some support at the moment as i guess you are also suffering from depression to.
If you need to ever chat just send me a message.

Take Care and Please DONT GAMBLE x

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