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Such an idiot
iv been gambling since i was young, started off on fruit machines at the local arcade and its snowballed ever since. Now its roulette machines online poker and online fruit machines infact i gamble on allsorts of nonsense online. Earlier on this month i won lots and in 4 days i've since lost all that and gave them more out my own pocket, this seems to be the story of my life.

It never seems to be enough greed always gets the better of me, if i won the lottery i would still fact, i'd probably gamble the lot away!

My wife found about my gambling a few years ago after noticeing the money filtering away from the bank account. She stood by me, tried to help and threatened to leave me which she now has. She loved more than she has ever loved anything and would have done anything for me and i threw it all back in her face.
She asked me "didn't you think about me while you did it" and the truth is no; it was like i blocked out all reality when i was gambling to the extent that consequences of my actions never even entered my head until i was finished and brough crashing back to earth.

I need to stop gambling or i'm going to destroy myself. I want my wife back, although i think she has slipped away forever, but if i'm to rebuild my life i need to stop this now. I'm in the RAF and i am considering volunteering to go to Aghanistan for 4 months in attempt to get this out my system; detox in a way!
Hi mate,

Couple of things, get to a meeting asap. It wont stop till you do.

You and I both know that the amount of gambling in the forces is huge. All you will end up doing is owing your fellow members a lot of money after 4 months. It will kill your career and probably get you kicked out. Your gambling now is unknown to MOD , if you start in afgan you will owe everyone, and someone will report you.

Dont do it, get to a meeting here


Derek M

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