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and i thought it was just me...
hey all
after reading several others posts, i was quite surprised to find that other people experience the exact same feelings and problems that i have. Even when i'm 'up' i'm not happy, i want more and more, until it gets to the point, where im out of pocket. what hapens then? i spend MORE to try and recover this lost money. When i get it back, i still gamble to get more...I'm a uni student and today, i started doing large amount spins on an online live casino...again, have i got the cash to do this? no, not at all. I'm lucky to say today that i'm in profit...justa bout, but i don't know how long it will be until i shovel it back in, getting the urges already. I do alot of sports betting, but i'm not too bad at this, as it has some kind of knowledge base behind it, if i do win though, it goes on the roulette wheel to try and make more...usually ended in a loss. I'm tempted to come clean to the parents, but i think i might try to calm it down myself now from today onwards. If i could stick to low stake sports betting avoiding the wheel it would be an accomplishment for now. I tried to change some passwords on the online betting sites to one i do not know, but all it takes is a "forgot password" link to get it back.

anyone have any suggestions or help?
if the bigest word there is im sorry to say this but i think you know you have a gambling problem.The problem with all addictions is 99% of the time we ant do it our selfs.As for being a good gambler if i only backed on the winners i wouldnt have a problem this is in reference to winning on sports losing on other forms of gambling its all part of the addition the dream world of a sound like you have a very good life through uni and on but only if you take positive steps over the gambling as if you look up on the subject of compulsive gambling it only ever gets worse. I can only give you the advice i know but friends / familly need to know before it starts affecting your life and education and most importantly ga is the only place you will go to meet like minded gamblers who are not at it who will gladly help you conquer your demons.All the best gp <!-- s:o --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_surprised.gif" alt=":o" title="Surprised" /><!-- s:o -->

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