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I am addicted to fruit machines
how do i go about stopping this habbit.

i compulsivly play. i cant stop, even if i win, i will keep playing

whats the best thing to do to try to stop?
most efective way to attend GA meetings, u cant do it alone
i am completely the same joe, i live in stoke dont drive and starting to face up to the realisation im addicted. I need to attend a GA meeting i think but their isn't one local enough. Is there anything else i can do. I would like to think i have faced up to it so know i can start to get over them and leave them alone ??? but how
Hi, i have had this problem for 15 yrs and i do the same, i win i tell myself im gonna win more, i lose i put more into get back what i lost then feel sick when all my money has gone, i go and lie to my mum to get money to play them and bingo is another thing i have started doing now i just cant stop it.
I am the same, I have today been and lost. I have had to come home and tell the people around me what I have done and that I can't even afford any petrol for my car to get to work.

How do I stop what I am doing and stop hurting myself and others around me????

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