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Meeting Help.
Hello fellow GA members,

In about 6 weeks i will be travelling to London for about 5days and was wondering if you could help with where i can find a meeting. I am a current GA member from Australia and was hoping to get to a meeting while im there.

The place where i will be staying is Great Eastern Street, London, ( not sure if anyone knows where this is) and it would be greatly appreciated if you could give tell me if theres any meetings around those areas as i have no clue where anything is.

Any help would be great and guys ONE DAY A TIME and IT IS WHAT IT IS!

Thanks Nuno
Hi Nuno,

The details for Central London meetings are below. Get the tube from Old Street to either Great Portland Street or Warren Street, journey time is about 20mins.
Hope this helps.



Monday at 8pm Normal Meeting

Tuesday 6.50pm for Beginners/Newcomers.

Tuesday 8pm Normal Meeting

Thursday 6.45pm - 7.45pm Steps Meeting

Thursday 7pm for Beginners / Newcomers

Thursday at 8pm Normal Meeting & Gamanon Meeting

Saturday at 8pm.

All Souls Clubhouse, 141 Cleveland St, W1T 6QG

Access: tube: Gt Portland St or Warren St.
hey guys thanks heaps for the information on the meeting!

Look forward to meeting you guys while im over there.

1 question guys.

As i will be travelling with my girl i was wondering if she could come along or if there's anything to do around the meeting place that she could do? lol sorry i know this is a bit of a poor question but as i still havent told her that i want to attend a meeting over there, and as much as she will say its ok to go i just dont think its really fair leaving her in the hotel.

but yeah thanks heaps for the info

cheers Nuno

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