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I have been gambling about 25 years. I don't go in the bookies everyday but when I do I can't leave until I run out of money. If I am winning I am greedy and want to win more.

I am getting in arrears on my bills and as soon as I have been paid my moneys gone and I have to go the whole month scrimping and scraping trying to get enough money for food etc..

Its a viscious circle as when I do have some spare cash I go in the bookies to try and win some to pay a bill - then lose it and I am even further behind.

It is stressing me out so much I just dont know what to do or which way to turn. If I could stop gambling even for a couple of months I would be able to get myself straight - I just cant though!

Any advice etc would be gratefully received.
Hi dazwm

You do have a problem. Like all compulsive addicted gamblers, once we start betting, generally we will not stop until we have no money left to gamble. You are not alone in this.

You haven't mentioned any debt apart from normal living expenses, so consider yourself ahead now and stop. If you have read some of the posts on this forum, you will realise wher you can end up.

GA can help you, but only if you want to stop.Like all addictions, if the addicted person does not want to stop, then no amount of bullying,cajoling or information re the addiction will stop them.

Go along to your nearest GA meeting. It will likely seem strange. Make yourself a promise to go to at least 4 GA meetings and then make an appraisal. I think you will find that with the benefit of those extra meetings behind you, you will have more of an understanding and a better appreciation of GA and its fellowship. Give yourself and the meetings a chance.

Best wishes
Thanks for your reply.

I do have debt which came about by my gambling. I have entered into an IVA which I suppose with that I dont have the added stress of creditors chasing me. I can't obtain credit or credit cards etc so I suppose I cant get into heavy debt again. I just have to catch up with council tax, electric etc..

All I can lose is what I get paid every month and for some reason thats what I end up doing!

I don't think I can bring myself to go to GA meetings, I am very shy and introverted etc.. any advice and help on here will have to do!!!
Hi dazwm

I am also very shy/introverted. A long conversation with me would be 2 minutes!
But I am only a young feller...52 years and counting.

I have now been off the punt for 15 months, and as such am able to chair some of our meetings.
It is all part of the process of growing, improving self esteem, self worth, etc.

Please trust me!

Go to your local GA. You will not have to say anything unless you want to.
Just be there, listen, observe & learn. I honestly think that GA is the best thing you can do
for yourself at the moment.

If you still feel that you can't attend a meeting, how about a counselling service?
There are organisations in the UK (I am in Australia) that offer free telephone/online &
face to face counselling.

As you may have gathered from my suggestions, I think that talking to someone abour your/our addiction is the best way to come to terms with/and beat this addiction.

Re your council/electric tax. If you do get behind in paying these essential bills, get in touch with them very quickly & try to come to an arrangement before they pull the plug.

Best wishes

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