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another student gambler
Hi. I started gambling at 17. My mate took me into a bookies one lunch time at college. started off on the machines as you do, and before i knew it, i was feeding the machine with notes. i had savings, and money in my current account, i was well off for a student, considering my dad is medically retired and on benefits and my mums a sales assistant. i was skipping college lessons to gamble, 3 times i had taken a money out of the machines, but one of the times, some one attempted to mug me, and hit me on the chin, leaving a scar. i got compensation, but that went pretty quickly. now, im having to quit college as im too far behind to catch up with the work. ive got 3 cards maxed out, a loan to pay back, payday advances to pay back, over my current account limit. now, its not the gambling im trying to control, its my finances! but my creditscore is about 300, so i cant get any more loans to consolidate my debt, i cant get any creditcards to put all 3 onto 1. i've recently stole from my employer, just so i can get some money to pay for petrol to get to work, because as soon as my wages comes in, the payday advance people take it, then i have to take another loan out to pay all my creditors. before long, im going to be sacked if they find out what i did, and i will just go bankrupt at the age of 20!. my dad knows about my problem, but not the amount of money owed. if he knew, he'd throw me out. i've been to GA meeting before, but its not that i need help with, its getting my finances under control. I've been to CAB, but i've seen theres companies who will write off debts, does anyone know if these companies are scams? ive just sent letters asking for all my bank charges to be refunded or i shall take legal action, as it has cost me a fortune in charges alone!!! and if i get it back, that will go some way to getting myself back on track.
Hi Andy,
As a mother of a son who has gambled in the past, I have seen what this dreadful illness can do to people. I am not a gambler myself but I am so glad my son had the courage to come forward and speak to me and tell me what had been going on. Now I have taken control of all his money, his cards have been cancelled, and slowly we are getting back on track. There have been relapses but he knows I will always be there for him. Please find the strength to speak to your family unless you tell them the whole truth, you won't be able to start on the road to recovery.Try and get yourself to GA meetings, you are still so young, if you don't sort yourself out now you could go through your life with sincere regrets. I wish you all the best.
If you never gambled you would not be in the financial position you have around your neck. You are in denial if you are saying that you need to take care of your finances but not the source. You need to go to a GA meeting and talk to someone there and i'm sure they will be able to tell if you are a compulsive gambler or not. If you continue to gamble you will either end up in prison or go insane. How much proof do you need to tell if you are a compulsive gamber or not? Sorry if I am sounding a bit harsh, but I have been in your position and was in denial for many years until gambling nearly killed me. I was also in and out of the GA program for over 15 years until I finally admitted that gambling had me beat.
This is the only advice that I can give - just go to one meeting and see if you think you are any different to the other people in that GA room. You also need to come clean with your family and don't hold back - tell them everything. They may be shocked and hurt but at least you won't have to carry this burden around in secret.
Best wishes

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