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I think i'm after a bit of advice more than anything from guys who know how I feel and how to stop gambling!

Basically, my gambling has got to a point where I don't particularly get a buzz out of winning any more - but get very very annoyed and down when I lose!

Take today for example, I chased and chased my bets to a point where I ended up losing hundreds - from just 4 races - as I kept on thinking that I would make it all back on the next race!! It just spirals and I keep thinking down the lines of 'law of averages' say=id the next odds on horse 'has to' come in!! And I think if I don't place the next bet, that horse is definitely going to come in and i'll be kicking myself!!

I just need some thoughts on how to stop as I don't want to be the next guy who loses his house / family all for the sake of making a few quid!! The bottom line is that it is just pure greed and I know that. I don't have a badly paid job so I don't even know why I continue to gamble...?? It's almost that if I spend on something, I feel as though I have to win that back...? Does that feeling sound familiar to anyone?

About 5 months ago I did stop for about 2 weeks and it felt ok - but then I got back into the winning habit and started all over again - before I inevitably had one of my bad days and lost all my winnings and more!!

After today, I really want to make a proper effort and stop - and not even think that a few pounds 'won't hurt'.

Any advice or guidance would be really apprecaited.
Try not to think of all the money that you lost the more you think the more you want to go back and win.try to accept that you need
help and try to pray or surrender.keep a diary and make yourself busy let us all try to help each other before we lose everything we got and love.
Hi Greed

One of our great problems as gamblers is being able to "let go".
By that I mean that what you have lost is gone forever...never to be seen again.
If you can accept that fact, then you have a chance at stopping gambling.
If you are forever thinking about winning back what has been lost, then there is a distinct possibility that, like other members of GA, you could lose your house and much much more.

As gamblers, the greater the debt we get into, the greater the amount we gamble, so that when we do win <!-- s:oops: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarrassed" /><!-- s:oops: --> , we will solve all of our problems. As you have rightly pointed out, we will never win.

Try to accept that you are ahead now. You have not lost your house ...YET!

GA meetings reinforce within me why I should not gamble. Try GA. I always suggest that you set yourself a goal of attending at least 4 meetings before you decide whether GA is for you.
The reason is that at the first meeting you will likely find it very strange. Give it a few meetings and then see how you feel about it.

Best wishes
HI I TOO AM A COMPULSIVE GAMBLER CHASING OH CHASING yes its amazing haw much we can loose in such s short space of time i lost several thousand once in a day and the next time in 30 mins because i wanted the money back but even if i would have got it id of soon gave it them back, you see its like a hamsters wheel and thats just the money .the mental and physical scars which gambling gave me will and always be the harder to deal with in my oppinion i think you know this will happen to you, i can say this because each time we go back the devastation is worse. please think on and hopefully you will be ready to take and give help to others life will only get better but ga is the way forward. gph just for today i will not gamble

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