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Roulette has really messed my life up
I work for my self i deal with cash day in day out and i am a fool! Ive been gambling for about 5-6 years now not so much horses or dogs or even football but (Machines) ie Roulette and ive lied and owe a few quid here and there but i honestly think ive gambled a few hundred thousand and ive not got a regular income just as and when the works there and at the moment im in trouble, need money for insurance i no it dont sound like nothing but today i earned a couple of hundred and blew it like normal plus i borrowed money from my girl friend and the other day blew another few hundred of hers, ive got a daughter who i should be spending it on. if any one can give me some advice please do im at the end of it all now! love the feeling when your up feel like your better than everyone else but when you lose Cold, Shakey, Empty, Hungry, Sorry, Shame and then you walk out like you have millions in the bank where infact far from it digging behind the seats for a few quid to put in the diesel tank! get in touch and help me save my family
You sound almost in the same position I am except you splash a bit more and have a daughter to care for. I get paid end of every month and I watch thousands just dissapear into some kind of machine within a matter of days. I spoke to a representative at gamanon and they told me the best thing to do is go to your local bookies (all of them) and get a 'self-exclusion form' fill it out and effectively ban yourself from them. Also to try going to the meetings and discussing the problems direct. I'm going along to my first meet this Friday hopefully. I hope we both manage to lift ourselves and in your case your family out of this horrible situation and put a smile back on everyones faces

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