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how do i tell my parents about my gambling

ive got to the stage where my gambling has made my overdraft limit unauthorised by several hundred pounds. i need to try and pay this debt off but dont know how, how can i tell my parents? i feel too ashamed to do so

Hi daz384

No easy way of telling anyone...possibly sitting down with a cup of tea/coffee.
They might be angry & upset initially, but in a very short time, you will understand that they would rather you tell them now, so they can assist you to address your problem.
What happens if you wait too long? How much debt will you have racked up by then?

Be honest, tell them that you recognise you have a problem.

Have you taken any othe measures? GA meetings etc?

Better that you recognise you have a problem now and fix it.
Don't wait for years, like many of us have. It can get much, much worse as you have probably realised.

Best wishes

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