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The live of a idiot gambler, he thinks he's a ginius.
i'm not a english native speaker, so sorry for my grammar.

A friend of mine advise me to visite this site.
I just want to tell you my story.
I started gambling a the age of 16 on bingo machines in pubs with a friend of mine, just for i few euro's, a other curenty at that moment. I started stealing very urly from my grandparent.( i was living there at that moment ) My grandparent where very forgiving, maybe too forgiving. I worked to pay them back in restaurant, en they started to lend me money. (they did not now it was for gambling) and i pay them back the week after. I was telling lies the all the to get money of them.
I met a woman a little older than me, there it started to go really wrong she had alot of money. I was stealing her money on a regular base and always found excuses so she did not think it was me. Lie after lie after lie. lieing and stealing and gambling was my life. On school we were tested for our IQ, i tested 152 a was so proud and i became arogant that thinks he owns the world and outsmarted everybody. I stealed bonds from the parents of my girlfriend. I was so proud of myself and a shame at tesame time. After 2 years i spend all that money mostly gambling. I had no other choise to start working again. Nobody knew that i had steal that money, nobody knew of my gambling probleme. After that is was every week desame, working getting my money and go gambling in pubs and casino, winning some times alot and spending mutch more. After 4 years the police trace the money back to my accounts and the big problemes started. My girlfriend was on the end of sanity. She could not understand how stupid she was too live with a moster like me. At that time she was pregnant of me. So you understand the shock for here. All my lies came out. 10 years of lies and stealing and gambling. I was lucky that the parents of my girlfiend had compassion with me and did not ask the money back. I was sentenced to only a fine of 1500 euro. I did not pay it because i did not had the money for it. For making i long story a little shorter <!-- s:-) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:-) -->) My son was born and it change me alot. I start thinking of my responsibility agains my son. and here i m .....

thanks for listening
Hi zipcode 1979

Your grammar is better than a lot of people. I understood you very well.

I am glad you have admitted you have a problem. You are now being honest with yourself.
Honesty is one of the steps towards your recovery.

Are you attending a GA meeting? This addiction is very hard to beat without some support.

Lying and stealing are common traits of we, the compulsive gambler. You are not alone with the shame you feel. We have all felt that shame, and still do to a certain extent.

Think positively though. You have made a step in the right direction. Recovery from this addiction is possible. You can lead a normal happy life, just like thousands of other recovering compulsive gamblers.

Every day without gambling is a good day. You will feel better about yourself , given time.

Best wishes
We dont have GA meeting here, we only have CGGZ Vagga-Matt talbot here and i m on the waiting list there.
I hope it will help
Hi zipcode 1979
Good luck with not gambling, you need to be a good role model for your son. Every week that I do not gamble I buy my wife a small plant or bunch of flowers, I only spend a few pounds. It helps to keep me focused and gives her a little something back for all the years I was a pain in the arse. I wish you all the best.
thx for the support Ken.
It feels good to know that some ppl read my story

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