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beaten again
ive gone and done it again,gambled all day and yet again,got into bigger mess than even I had imagined.It is completely,utterly hopeless.Im lying awake at 3am in the morning trying to work out how I can end my life.Ive really reached the end now,I cant take any more.I had no intention of gambling yesterday,but again got hold of funds and the disease got me again.I am powerless over this disease and completly destroyed.It owns me and I have nowhere to turn.I beg for mercy.Andy
Don't give up! Suicide is not the answer.
One day at a time.
Hi Andy

I think it's time for you to wake up and smell the roses.


There is no magic fix. It will involve effort on your part. Thousands have done it before you, so it is achievable.

Your debts will not disappear. We all have debts, and like the rest of us, you will have to sort your debts out. As I have said before, your debts are NOT the problem. Your gambling is THE problem.
Stop the gambling and you can then start paying off your debts.

Wallowing in self pity is not the answer. You will get a lot more support if you act, and start attending as many GA meetings as you can. GA can help you, but you have to make an effort.

Best wishes
andy, please, don't do it!!!! suicide it's not the exit.
Falling and raising it's the life's history.
You can find the way!!! you can find the freedom and be happy!!!
Think to your family
For me it's really difficult to write in english but i would like to find the appropiate words for to send you A HOPE MESSAGE, you are not alone; i'm sure there are many people with the same problem or worst than your;
If you believe in god, tell with him,
Get out of your mind the suicide idea!!!!!
best wishes
hi ,I hope your ok Andy, please get to a GA meeting , i want to see you in positive posts.
Yes ive been again to meeting,then gambled again,then gambled again.Im really on the self destruct mission,like a juggernaut down a hill with absolutely no control.I gamble as soon as I can lay my hands on any money,and further more getting deeper and deeper in the mire.Ive managed to smash 4 credit cards to thousands of pounds of debt in a few days and now the reality of how am I going to pay them back has kicked in.Im in a mental and crazy state of mind,I am unable to help myself,as I really dont believe there is anything to look forward to so whats the point of trying to give up.I have given up on myself and Im probably going to lose my home very soon,thanks to my all out destruction mode.
i cant preach anything to you Andy, Iv done the crazed evil pointless and scummy gambling today too ,but this must stop. i dont want to feel like this no longer, i dont like it and im fed up and what iv become cus of it. we both NEED to sort ourselves out. today iv started. Im determined its gone on long enough.
Hi Andy

Mate, take a deep breath....

You are going to have to face the fact that you are in deep doodoo!

I thought my situation was hopeless too. I attempted suicide in January 2009.
It is NOT the way to go Andy!

Okay, I have not lost my home, although I thought I was going to. The truth of the matter is that I was so engrossed in my gambling that I never really knew how bad/good my financial situation was.
I just thought it was irretrievable! I was too lazy to sit down and examine my situation.

You may well be in a worse may lose your home, but I have got to tell you mate, there is a lot of beautiful things I see in the world now. The birds singing in the morning sunshine, the stars at night, a spiders web, all these magical things I never appreciated.

Can you really say that you want to say goodbye to the wonder of nature, especially since as a gambler you probably have forgotten the wonders that are with us every day?

What about family? If you think that your family will not be devestated if you decide to
"do the deed" , let me tell you, you are completely mistaken.
An addiction can be treated. What you are thinking about is not treatable.

Best wishes
Thank you Roy for all your continued support and very kind and true words.Yes everything you say is correct and if youve been through it all you know.But when your head is clear you can see from the other side,whereas when you are in this state,like I am yet again,you just cant see any hope.And despite what you say it doesnt bother me that I dont see any of the "beautiful things in life".Nothing means anything to me now or even a couple of weeks ago when I was clean,everything still felt hopeless.Now that ive gone and made it even worse than hopeless I find it nearly impossible to face another day.Every day I wake up and wish myself dead,1 day it will come true.Not the way to be,but gambling has me licked,beaten and killed me.So called life was almost impossible as it was,but now,I have no idea what Im going to do.I went to a GP today and went to Ga meeting 2 days ago,and yes ive been in a worse position than even now.But the only trouble was that I hadnt abstained for 10 months and this time feels even worse than ever.
Anyway I thank you for everything and appreciate your words of help.
And again,thank you Roy for your comments,I would also like to add,perhaps 1 or 2 of my Sisters may care if anything happened,but my Father and threst of them wouldnt care less.Also they wouldnt even know a thing for probably over a week at least as the contact I have with any of my family is very minimul.
To be honest it wouldnt affect them either as eveything I own is in my name and if I was gone my assets would cover my funeral,thats about it.You come with nothing and we go with nothing.Ive always thought about the suicide route but somehow this time it seems so much less painful than living and would be a good way out as Im not sure ive ever felt as empty and low as this day in my existance.Thanks again.

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