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paying the price
I am 64years old and have nothing. All my life I have gambled heavily and up until 10years was a heavy drinker as well. Gambling has been the cause of two marriage break ups and the loss off my homes. Although I am fully aware of the evils of gambling and the terrible pain and heatbreaks it brings with it ,I find it still has a hold on me. I am determind to stop gambling and that is why I have just signed up with G.A. but at the same timeI can't help thinking to myself ' it's too late now' and I have found myself looking for a way to end it all .
It has completly ruined my whole life and others as well. I hope G.A. will be able to help me a little in my latter years.
Hi walrus

Welcome. You're never too old to learn new tricks.

I hope with the help of GA, that you can discover a happier life without gambling and all the misery that gambling brings.

Imagine waking up in the morning and not thinking about what you are going to bet on today, or how you will get the money to have a bet. That time will come.

As always..."one day at a time"

Best wishes

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