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i am addicted to slots and blackjack
i started gambling around 2 and a half years ago, just small football bets online. It was not a problem until i started playing slots and got my first win. After that i started playing the machines in the bookies where i found myself putting loads in the machine and not winning but still going to the cash machine to get more money. I also play blackjack but my biggest problem is slots. I get to a point where i feel so low but then i get a big win and it starts all over again. I am in quite a lot of debt through this and its really getting me down but i'm still gambling, trying to get another big win which might never come. I am getting threatening letters from loan companies who i owe money to. No one knows about my problem but people are starting to notice that i never have money, even though I'm in a full time job which pays very well. I am generally a happy person. I like my life. I have a young daughter who i love. I just need to get rid of this horrible problem, then me and my daughter can start enjoying my money.

i am just looking for some help. I am only 24 and don't want to lose everything through this. I am admiting my addiction and need to sort myself out before its too late

thanks for reading
Hi dave_t

Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on asking for help. We all know that is not an easy thing to do. Especially since most of us when we were gamblers were too embarassed to tell anyone.

Find your nearest GA meeting location. The best advice I can give you is walk in the doors.

Re your debts. There is free financial counselling available in the UK. Utilise the service and find out exactly where you stand re your debts. You should be able to work out a repayment plan that is suitable to both you and the creditor. All they want is the assurance and an effort on your part that you are going to pay them back what is rightfully theirs.

Remember...only you have the power to stop yourself from gambling. You have to want to stop.
GA can help you along the way. Accept their help.
This is not an easy addiction to beat, but it can be done.

Best wishes

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