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3 days down a lifetime to go
I visited my 1st ga meeting on Saturday after my last bet on Friday. I stood outside wondering whether to go in or not, who will be there: 10 people or 100 people, are they gonna stare at me? I'm late and the tube station is closed. Friday 7.00 am on my way to work and money in my account and I worked hard for that. 10.30 breakfast time, just nip to the shop, go a different way, avoid the bookies; sod it, a quick bet won't break me and I might win - a proper bank holiday! In I go, start picking the horses, hopefully get 1 up, at least i'll get my money back. I go to the counter, 4 bright roulette machines saying 'come on, just a few pounds, if that fails walk out'. I pull notes out of my pocket peel and several notes later I go back to work and curse myself. My brain says, 'now you've got the wife's money and cash I owe the daughter for a bet tomorrow'. Dnner comes, I'll have a pint, just nip to the bank. I drink 2 pints in about 5 mins and nip to bookies. 1 hour later, no money for the wife or daughter, not enough for a chocolate bar for my little boy. Feel sick, dry mouth, walking home past all the people coming out for a good time, thinking who could I borrow money off till next week. I,ve had enough of this, i need help. I owned up to the wife; she went beserk not the reaction i was looking for - no cuddle, tell me its ok. I phoned GA and spoke to a normal bloke. He advised that I go to a meeting on Saturday which i did and i'm really glad i did. There is people like me, nobody judged me. The quickest 2 hours of my life. I'm going again tomorrow. My big test comes Friday when the bank gets filled up again. I dont care, it aint worth losing my wife and kids.
Hi tim number 13

I am pleased you can see the benefit of your GA meeting. Incidentally, if you did not like that particular meeting, you could always attend another one elsewhere. Finding a meeting that suits you is important.

Can you limit your access to cash & bank accounts? Take the temptation away from your grasp!

Best wishes

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