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out of control
my name is charlie and im 20 years old, i have been gambling for about 4 years now but its getting out of control! i know i have had a serious problem for a while now but this is now the final straw.

i feel terrible everyday because i know i cant pay bills, whether its only to my mates or a phone bill. i got paid last friday and was supposed to pay my holiday this week but instead of doing what any normal person would do and pay it off, my addiction got hold of me and i went the bookies and blew it on the roulette machines and now i cant go away with the lads which is gut wrenching because its the only thing ive been looking forward too!!

over the years i have "had" my family off espically my mum and now ive had enough, i recognise i have serious problem but i dont know the best way to go about it, what should i do?

Hi Charlie

Welcome to the forum.

If you read some of the posts on this forum, you will find that attending a GA meeting is the MOST important thing you can do to help yourself now.
We aren't professional counsellors...we are just like you...a person with a gambling problem

Because we are just like you, we have done very similar things that you have done. We all have financial problems, family problems, etc...

Without a doubt, the most important aspect that needs to be addressed first is the gambling addiction.
The other issues need to be addressed, but at least make a concerted effort to do something about your gambling problem first, and then the other issues may be a bit easier to handle.

Best wishes
hi roy,

cheers for the support it means a lot trust me, i cant talk to my mates because they dont understand because they arnt a compulsive gamberler like myself, it might not seem like long time but ive not gambled in 3 days and i reckon thats the longest ive gone since being in this "hole" that im in.

i feel much better already but as you say GA is the important thing and im going to go to a few meetings because ive still got along way to go before i can enjoy my young life, it might not seem much but just going the pub with the lads and not playing a bandit would be great but hopefully im on the right road now.

cheers again for the support,


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