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poker for fun?
Can someone please answer me a very important question.

If you were a compulsive gambler and you have overcome this by attending GA and do not gamble anymore is it ok to play vertual poker on the facebook social website? it isnt for money and is a vertual poker game so is this ok to do?
My advice is not to, the bug tends to be the thrill and when youve played online and got no effective thrill the voice of stupidity will try and convince you that a little "real" gambling wouldnt hurt and that "only a few quid" wouldnt be a risk at all.
At least thats how it goes for me, only the limits never seems to stay set in stone and before yo know it Im losing loads.
Id gamble on anything promising, we have big jackpot slot machines directly opposite from where I work, I used to have a strict standard that Id never mix work with pleasure but that soon got eroded over time. These days though Im staying off permanently, I cant afford to lose my life to gambling, too many people need me and Im failing to see what more life has to offer than the people I love.
Hi Bernie,

I don't really know what the correct answer is, however I was addicted to roullette and previous attempts at quitting have all failed except my last. The difference this time is I stay away from anything gambling related. Previously I would still visit online casinos and play roullette for free. Not sure why seems a bit pointless looking back. However that urge would always be with me to gamble. Since I have cut gambling out I now rarely feel an urge to gamble. I am not saying not too, maybe you are stronger than me, but if you have given up I would reccommend staying away. Good luck whichever path you choose.

Hi Bernie

You have raised a very good question. We had a discussion on a similar scenario at our GA meeting recently. Various opinions were voiced.

Strictly speaking, you should not tempt yourself. Were you a poker addict when you were gambling?
If so I would definately say don't play cards. Why risk it?

For me, I was hooked on "the pokies"...I believe they are called fruit machines in the UK.
I guarantee I would not like to tempt myself with even the smallest bet on those things ever again.

Re me and playing cards (poker) however. It never has and never will give me that "buzz".
So for me, I have no problem with playing social games of cards.

If I thought I was getting any "thrill" out of playing these games however I would stop immediately.

I guess it depends on the person.If you are unsure about whether it may cause you problems, you would be better off to err on the side of caution & not play at all.

Others will have different opinions. These are just mine. As always I am open minded and willing to listen & change my mind, if others have a different point of view.

Best wishes
The answer is NO, dont tempt yourself!!!

well done for going to the meetings!
Thank you everyone, I just needed reasurrance of my own ides on this, and you have proved my thoughts right.
I am not a gambler, my husband was. He thinks this game is not harmful, not gambling and only for fun. I know to an ex-compulsive gambler this would never be the case.
Thanks again.

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