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Between a rock and a hard place
My sister has been a compulsive gambler for many years. In the past various family members have bailed her out of her financial difficulties, and it seems this time it is my turn.

Things are different though, for the first time - that we know of - she has stolen to support her addiction. My instinct is to refuse her money and even call the police myself, as I see no end to this cycle. On the other hand she is already beating herself up over this and I worry that I may be the catalyst that tips her over the edge?

She has been seeing a therapist, but last week he said he didn't think he could help her (?)...two days later she lost her whole salary.

We have encouraged her to attend meetings, but short of dragging her there it does not look like it is going to happen.

Maybe I just have to take the risk and cast her out....but she is my sister and we all love her very much
Hi ouboet

I am a recovering CG. Only 16 months, but it's better than nothing.
Do NOT bail her out. Whilst this may seem heartless, it is the only way that your sister is going to realise that at some stage, she will have to pay for her actions. To be made accountable. You will not help her face this addiction by bailing her out.

As for the police...That is a decision only you & your family can make. However, whatever decision you do come to, make sure that you stand by that decision. You will have to decide this between the family.

The compulsive gambler will NOT stop gambling unless he or she WANTS to. All you can do is offer advice, suggest where help is readily available etc. Do NOT nag her about this.You will only force her away. Do what you can, and then step back. Things may get worse before they get better, but they will not get better until she admits she has a problem & seeks the help that she needs.

Best wishes

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