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Same old problem
40 years old. On and off at GA for 20 years. Always thought I could handle it. Currently abroad and have gone down the same road yet again. The last month has been a frenzy in all honesty. Massive highs and bigger lows. It is not like I do not know what I should do. Not even sure why I am posting as I can predict what the replies will be. Useless. Why can I not get it -have got it before and probably can get it again but not at the moment. The shame is overwhelming at the moment but know it will pass and then convince myself to go out and right all the wrongs but create more problems. Posting may arrest it but no guarantee. I obviously need a meeting even though I have not been for quite a while (arrrogance). If anyone from Worthing GA is reading you may know who I am. All the answers but no solutions.
You sound very much like me.I always know Im going to gamble,I can go weeks,or months then,bang I go and have a massive binge,do absolutely everything and more x10.Then in a whole world of trouble,but 100 times worse.Loads of debt then continually falling into the massive big black hole,where there is no light.The only ever way I have found to arrest this hideous disease is by going to the meetings and attending every week,which I am doing at the moment after the last big gambling binge.Its working for me at the moment but if I stop going to the meetings,IL gamble for sure,simple as that.I wish you good luck and know exactly how you feel.Andy
Andy -thanks for the response. Stupidly I know I need to attend the meetings but always seem to think I know better. Mind blowingly arrogant and conceited.
Currently away but know exactly where the next meeting I can get to is so no excuses.
Hi Chippy I'm not even going to try and give you advise, I have never been to a meeting. I know I have a problem but none of my family know. But the cat is about to be let out of the bag because I can no longer cover my tracks. I am responding in the hope that you guys can advise me. Do the meetings really make a difference? I hope that you can get back on the waggon and wish you all the best

Meetings -yes they do. It is difficult to explain why because different people take different things from them. I have tried for many years, and so have others, to figure out why I/we gamble. Some can do it others cannot -I knowI can't. For me it is a case of accepting that going to a meeting results in no gambling, clarity of thought and peace of mind. They take me to a place I cannot get to when I am on my 'own'. I would advise going to a meeting asap (there is a list on this website) and seeing what you think. When I first started going the phrase that stuck was you can either give up a couple of hours a week (or more if you can get to more than one meeting) by giving GA a chance or go back to your misery - it is a no brainer (but then you may wonder why I am in the position I am today -easy -by not going to meetings and thinking I was ok. All about accepting your shortcomings and admitting you need help). And think one day at a time -difficult to imagine a gambming free life after years of gambling -one day at a time.
Meetings are not for everyone - I have not been to one I have gone 70 days without gambling 30 years of pain was enough !!

But if you need to talk to someone go to a meeting , take everyday as its comes - keep adding your days without gambling up see how far you go.
I keep saying to myself not going to gamble as I am up to 70 days don't want to break my record want to keep adding to it.
Sounds simple its not but its working for me !

all the best

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