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where are you going?
Hi, I`m a compulsive gambler and will be for the rest of my life.

At this moment in time i can see were gambling will take me, DOWN until HOPE is even eradicated, this is not rock bottom as there is only quick sand under you.
if your in the ZONE then all the words, all the advice , all your rationality you cannot here ,this is the state I`m in and out of, being a periodic compulsive gambler I can abstain for months but when the urge hits all and everything goes on that one fix , so back to bank charges,searching the sofa for cash, cycling to work (7 miles) and that feeling of despair.
This mental torture that I`m self inflicting can only lead to misery for myself , family and friends, yet I know this but the strenth of the addiction clouds my brain and keeps me on this merry go round . need to break the cycle.
I`ve attended two GA meetings and realise now how good they are for your spirit and your soul, being able to talk freely without pressure is truly therarputic ,it`s true the more you put in the more you get out.
going back to the title "where are you going" " a highway to hell" my advice is look in the mirror and see what your`ve left behind.
it`s never to late .

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