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always depressed
Hi my name is scott,

this is the first time i have admitted i have a serious gamberling problems and its time i do something about it i cant live like it no more.

for the past 3 years i have been gamberling and i thought i had control at first but recently i have no control over it, i got paid on friday and i had paid everything i needed to and had several hundred pound left to last me 3 weeks which could live on that, but because of my NASTY habbit i ended up losing it all and now i have 15 pound to last me 3 weeks,

Please if anyone can help me get over this i would really appreciate the help as i cant handle it no more.

Hi Scott,

Thankyou for contacting Gamblers Anonymous (GA).

The first thing you should do is attend a GA meeting. Your closest one can be found by clicking on "meetings" and then selecting the area in which you live. A drop down list of towns and cities will appear and by clicking on one it will bring up full details of where it is and what time it starts. You can get a link for a map of where the meeting is situated from this also.

Today is Saturday and things are likely to be quiet in a few minutes when the opening match of England's world cup 2010 campaign kicks off. Wouldn't it be great if, in four years time you were able to go? Sounds like a dream?? Well no, not really, stopping gambling would immediately save you several hundred pounds each month. Attendance at meetings and staying away from just one bet a day at a time can achieve this Scott.

Take the time now, after reading this, to click on the right buttons and find out where your closest meeting is. If you are reluctant to attend because you think people may recognise you then (i) they will be there for the same purpose as you and (ii) there are plenty of meetings up and down the country so go to a different non-local place.

If depression is a serious problem Scott, you should consult your general practitioner (GP) at the doctors. Book an appointment on Monday. Try to avoid placing a bet between now and attending the meeting of your choice. Remember if you don't place a bet you won't "back a loser" and therefore you won't be depressed from losing your hard earned cash. If you do place a bet then please still attend the meeting, you will be welcomed not castigated.

Hope this is of some assistance

Yours in GA unity

'Poster' David (Barnsley)

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