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First GA meeting
Hi, my name is sheree and past few yrs i have had a online gambling problem.. and i want to stop. I keep telling myself that i can just stop but it hasnt worked in the past and my family think i should go to GA meetings and i think they are prob right! And i would like to try it but i am reallllly shy and a quiet person (also suffer from depression) and find public speaking hard. What happens at the meetings?? Will i have to say loads? Do u think its best to jus try it even tho im scared?? Thanks x
hi there, i dont know anything about GA maybe someone else can help there? , but i had(have?) a problem with online gambling from around october 09 to may 10, it just took a hold on me and i was spending more than i could afford, iv always had a problem with gambling so i was easily addicted to it.

I came on here and someone recommended gambling blocking software, believe me worth every penny.

the longing for online gamble the next day was hard and was always thinking about it, this lasted about a week and half and then subsided. Dont get me wrong, the urge still pops up and i guess always will, everyday is hard but if I really want to stop I will.

best of luck sheeree xx
Hi There

I currently attend GA meetings and believe me they will help you both and everybody that is in the room with you is in the same boat and you will be able to relate to everyones storys in some way.

If you go along you dont have to say anything if you dont want to but by the end of the meeting i am sure you will give the others an insight into your gambling and the problems it has caused.

I look forward to hearing from you both if you attend a GA meeting and this will be the 1st step on the road to recovery.

Good Luck
Hi Sheree,

You can contributa as much or as little as you like at meetings. For the first few weeks, just listen to what others have to say, youll relate to them as there problems are the same as yours. As time goes by youll get to know your fellow members and then if you want to contribute more you can.

My advice would just be to get to a meeting, the 1st one is always the hardest. Listen to what other fellow gamblers have to say, And remember were all there for the same reasons, to get our lives back on track.

Good Luck

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