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stopping gambling once and for all
Hi im a 32 year old whose been a compulsive gambler for 16 years now. It has truly taken everything away from me, most importantly my 3 kiddies.
Ive ruined 3 excellent relationships, been in trouble with the law and have begged, borrowed and stolen thousands to feed my addiction.
Ive only been bet free for about 30 days at any one time and its only day 2 again.
Ive went to rehab, seen councillors and went to many GA meetings but just didnt stick at them.
Why should I spend 2-3 hours 2-3 days a week at a meeting opening my heart up when the addiction would come back and bite again I thought?
In rehab I lasted 3 weeks as I was having the washing machine effect in my head, becoming frustrated, jealous and depressed.
I have a really good education and was starting a masters last year but my head just wasent able to focus as I was in the bookies before and after classes.
My job prospects look very bleak at the mo as Im going to have a criminal record very soon. But at least I still have a job no matter how menial.
I just need to sort my life out as every aspect of it-health, finances, relationships, friendships have all been affected by it.
And what do I have to show for it?? Nothing
I am very sorry to read your story, but you have got to be prepared to let go of this gambling. I have been clean from gambling for almost four years thanks to Derby GA. I had the same feelings as you, and had to give GA four tries before the truth finally struck home. I also never forget that I am never too far away from the next bet, if I let myself get into that position. You can only stop gambling for YOURSELF.
I have a brilliant supportive family, all my friends a GA and five beautiful children and a husband to die for, but the only way I could halt this gambling was to follow GA ways, and admit that on my own I was useless, and finally realise it was ME, who wanted to change things and get a hold on my life. Goodluck in the future, and I hope you suceed in beating the gambling
If you know that gambling has done all these horrible things to you why would you want to gamble again.

Here are the facts. You will never win. If you win you will lose more by playing it all back, but you will owe the taxes too.

The only way to win is not to gamble.

Save your money. Savings bring peace of mind that gambling takes away. Buy yourself something nice, but not expensive. Most of us could have taken a trip around the world or a great vacation for one week for the rest of your life with the money that we foolishly lost.

We gamblers are like alcoholics who take that first drink and can not stop. I know I can't gamble, but sometimes I trick my mind into thinking that I can.

Gambling is a non winning addiction. If you win you will play back what you won. If you lose you will try to win back what you won, most times you will lose, but if you win you will lose that also.

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