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Need help
Hi there,

This is my first post on here, to be honest the fact i've joined this site speaks volumes. I joined about 3 hours ago, after losing a few hundred at my local social club on a high jackpot fruitmachine. I still had a small amount to play with but the bar lady had run out of coins to change up. Anyhow, someone went on after me stuck a fiver in and took the jackpot out. Needless to say i was gutted. Gutted enough to vow never to gamble (again), and gutted enough to join this site, gutted enough to moan to my long suffering girlfriend about what had happend (looking in some twisted way for some sympathy i suppose). Anyway, i looked up gamblers anonymous, (as i've done before) determined to beat this terrible affliction that has held me back for the last 20 years.

I gamble, i've gambled for as long as i can remember, fruit machines is my worst enemy but i've gambled online as well. I've lost count of the amount of money i've lost but i remember every jackpot win. I justify it to myself when i end up slightly ahead that i've had a good result, but i ignore the hundreds i'd lost in the previous couple of weeks. THIS HAS TO STOP.

The reason i'm writing this email is i dont feel gutted anymore, the money i lost earlier doesnt seem as bad, and my drive to stop is waining already. i've been here before many times, vowing never to gamble again, and succeeding for about 2 weeks then i lapse.

I have 2 beautiful children and a beautiful missus. The money i've lost today i could have used for anyting other that gambling, i'm behind on my mortgage and i'm behind on my bills, i have responsibility to my family as a provider but i still cant stop myself. None of that matters to me when i'm playing, i'll stick note after note in without a thought for anything else until i win or the money is gone, generally its the latter. I know if i dont get a grip on this soon i stand to lose everything i've worked for in the last 20 years, i can't see how i can beat this. I quit smoking 10 years ago without too much trouble but this is far more difficult.

I can't see how i can beat this. Please help me.

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