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28 days clean
I have now gone 28 days without a bet and for once in my life I am trying to do things differently.I have completely steered away from anything to do with what has caused my destruction over the past 25 years,ie horse racing.Every day is a struggle and the financial stress is unrelenting,just trying to keep afloat and of course now trying to clean up the mess of the financial carnage I caused myself 28 days ago when I gambled on my credit cards.I cant say Im happy as Im not,Im very depressed with life,and although I have been to a Dr and seeked medical help life still bad and if there is hope I cant really see where it is,but I guess while I am not gambling there must be somewhere.I have been attending meetings the last 4 weeks and will continue to do so as I am a compulsive gambler and Im here writing this now because I am powerless over gambling and in a world of hurt,all because of gambling.I hate it.Andy.
Hi Andy

Good to hear from you again. I understand what your saying about not seeing much hope.
Hang in there. Every day without gambling your life does improve. maybe only marginally at first, and maybe hard to see, but it does improve. As you progress, you WILL notice a difference.
It takes time. Like most of us, time is what we have most of at the moment.

Hope you are getting benefit out of the meetings. I have just come back from my Sunday evening meeting. We had two newcomers. It's always good/bad to see new people at the meeting.
Good, because hopefully they can now help themselves to beat this addiction.
Bad, because i know that there are many more people out there who are unwilling or too ashamed to step through the door and ask for help.

Best wishes
Hi andy, a very good news; i'm really happy for you. I would like to do the same but unfortunately i continous to gambling; i lost a lot of money this month and to stay clean it's very difficult for me.I try to visit the forum every day for to find the strenght necessary to stopping gamble.
For the moment i wish you to keep clean, you're a good person i know

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