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What a mess
Hi everyone,

Firstly, what a great website, its nice to know in life that people are there for each other and offer their support to one and other.

I am 30 years old, I have a lovely fionce who is everything to me and is very supporting, my problem with gambling started 4 years ago, it started like many people with small amounts then i discovered online gambling.
My downfall is football and roulette, I have lost thousands in the last 4 years, everytime i straighten myself up, I have a major lapse and end up losing.

We are going holiday in 2 weeks, she is very understanding and told me its ok,i shouldnt do it again though, the funny thing is When i see something i like i say to myself, thats too much and never end up treating my self but whereas can blow hundreds in a night.

Its crazy, I must stop this, i feel devastated,im in such an emotional state, im at work but dont want to be here,i cant speak to anyone, everyone is asking whats wrong.

How could this evil ruin our lives so much, why dont they ban this evil temptation.

Thank you for listening.
Hi martin03

The best thing you can do for yourself and your fiance is go along to a GA meeting.

They are there to help you. You will be able to talk with people who have the same addiction as you. We can live with the addiction...IF we realise we have the problem AND don't get complacent.

Best wishes
thanks for your reply roy, you are very right, i will do that, also tonight front of my fionce's eyes, i have cancelled all my online accounts so i cant play online anymore, thats it from me, i might have lost some thousands in the last 4 years but i will cut my losses now and put this behind me as an expensive life lesson, thank you

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