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Is GA for me?
I am a 23 year old student, whohas been gambling since i was 17-18.
I have accepted it is out of control, and i need to stop, i have wasted far more money than i have to dispose of over the last few years.
Looking briefly at the 12 step programme, a large part seems to revolve around a higher power, i am relatively atheistic, is there still a place at GA for me or not?
I have been thinking the same thing as need to stop now, getting so bad for me hurting all around me and letting myself down each month.I waste so much money in betting shops mates always bettin and getting me involved. Feel so down all the time know it has to stop before it gets even worse for me.Im not religious at all and want to try meetings but after reading the 12 steps not sure if it would help me or not, me not being religious.

Know that gamcare can arrange private counselling sessions so think I will give that a go if GA is not for me, find this site and theres really helpful, you can chat to the advisors online which boosts my determination to stop. I feel now that I need to speak with someone face to face who is not involved in my life to get myself on track so intrested to know what others say about the religion involved?
I have attended GA meetings a couple of times and feel that talking to others who felt the same as me was a massive relief. I am not a religious person and must admit I did not go to many meetings so cannot comment fully on how religion plays a part but can say for me, I felt just getting things off my chest a help.

Got to keep taking things one day at a time and think I'll be back to the meetings as support seems to be the best way of controlling the urge for me.
Thanks for the replies.
Attended my first meeting last night, and was pleasantly surprised, didnt really know what to expect but was nice just to talk to people, and be honest about my problem.
Was a little concerned as didnt have huge debts and was worried i may not be taken seriously, but there were several others in a similiar position.

Thanks again


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