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just carnt quit poker
hi my names nathan and im only 19 years old, its the first time ive been on here but i just thought id have a quick look and the things ive seen makes me realise, ' am i really addicted to gambling?' now the way i see it was pokers not gambling because theres a skill involved i told myself it for soo long, but now my girlfreinds starting to get on my back, i work at a casino which really doesnt help. the thing is i do really enjoy having the occasinal game of poker with freinds, but then i started at the casino and online where i crnt seem to value money. is there anyway i can learn to control my gambling so i can still enjoy it with freinds but not loose all my wages? or is it just gamble completely stops or do it all the time. i mean i thought because im only young it doesnt matter but i can see myself lying to myself and others who care so much about me... really confused to be honast because im thinking to myself i'd hate never to play poker again, but reading these storys i dnt want a life with no money and lies.. would really appreciate sum1 to chat to and any advice i can get would be great.. thanks alot

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just carnt quit poker - by nath - 30-06-2010, 01:47 AM
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