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I've only just gone 18 - My story so far.
Hi all,

I've been gambling since the age of around 15 years old. As I look older than my age i've been able to get served in various bookies even while I was in my last year at school. It started with football bets every week to losing all my EMA on roulette machines.

I went on to steal from my family, and the more I got away with the odd fivers and tenners here and there, I started stealing wads of cash from a family members saving stash. I was losing all this and I never seemed to win but because it was almost like 'free' money I was doing it more often and just losing stupid amounts of money when I didn't really know how to bet.

I got caught out and got given a final chance by family, but I lied to them that it was for other things and not gambling. I got a job last year and since I turned 18 I found online payday advance sites which have basically screwed me over.. The interest, the overdraft charges of 25 pound a day from my bank.. I totalled up too much debt for someone my age. I was losing a hell of a lot more than I was winning and never seemed to want to take money when I was up. Always carried on till I was down or all out.

Today I woke up and couldn't take it anymore. I called a meeting with my family and explained how much debt I am in because of this horrible addiction. They agreed to bail me out today (for the first and last time) and pay all my debts off tomorrow, providing I actively seek help and swear to them i'll never gamble again.

I've gone a full day today without gambling a penny for the first time in a long while and I feel unbelievably good for it. I am going to use my strong will power (I have quit smoking with pure will power before) as well as attend my first G.A meeting this Friday evening which I am looking forward to.

I hope my story can help people my age or younger that it's a horrible path to go down and that because of this i've only had 1 girlfriend, lost friends and have minimal social life.

Today is the first day of many that I will not gamble on anything.


I am a fiancee of a compulsive gambler who has not gambled for over a year.
Im glad you have aknowledged you have a problem and are taking steps into sorting it out and going to a meeting. altho its not recommended for family to bail you out, i hope this is a major wake up call for you and you go on to have a happy and healthy recovery <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

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