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Really starting to become a problem
Hi - I'm 22 man and have a problem with gambling.

In my teens, after a death of a close family member, i got addicted to tranquillisers, after weaning myself off them when i was 17 i found i have a more than addictive personality. Since i turned 18 I've always seen my dad gamble, mainly on the horse - a few pounds here and there. I was never really interested until i joined the local casino, we used to go as a family thing, i was in a well paid job and could easily blow hundreds in a few days. I stopped going as much, which helped, about the same time i realised bookies now had roulette machines! - from 18 to 22 I've managed to rack up thousands worth of debt, i have a lovely loyal girlfriend who has known about my problems - she is someone who does not understand addiction, she thinks "why don't you just not put the money in the machine" - I've explained its not as easy as that!

since 19 I've gone through phases of heavy gambling , I've been bailed out quite a few times, whether by family or more credit. It got to an extreme with my credit cards, i would gamble from them, i did win and paid winnings off other cards - but then lost again. I even asked one of my card providers "I've got a payment coming in to pay off the balance (winnings), i think I've got a problem with gambling, please can you close my a/c when received and not let me do any more transactions" - they replied saying they couldn't, even when explained why. I do the classic thing of after a loss i close my online casino a/c, saying I'm addicted, but there are thousands out there and i must have a closed a/c on everyone!

I've started borrowing money from everyone i know, everytime i get the money i say im going to pay the other person off, i end up on blackjack thinking i can double the money easy, now i have lost again - and I've got no money till the end of the month.

I really am sick of it now - concerned of my future, i'm not stupid, i work in the financial industry and know how to be smart with my money, I'm just not. Myself and my girlfriend have got plans, house, eventually kids - i cant see myself coming out of this loop - i pay debt off, i get it back, i pay debt off etc.

I really don't think i could handle a meeting, i understand that all the people are in the same boat - but for me, although i know i am addicted, i can hide it - going would mean i would be admitting it to the world.

Some friendly advice from a fellow gambler.

The key is in the title - really starting to become a problem. The thing with gambling that things often continue to spiral downwards as you/we try to get out of debt through more gambling - DOH!!

Try to think about how you would feel if you lost another sum of money - it's likely that you would be regretful, think about posting on GA or consider attending a meeting.

My advice is that you should go to a meeting now and try to get off the slippery slope at this stage, and not a stage 'down the line'.

What have you got to lose?

Best wishes

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