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Hi to all on here
I from time to time visit the site to read the share stories and just "refresh" and remind myself of where i once was and why never ever to go back to the dark place that is gambling, that was until this week..been 4 and a half years bet / gamble free then without thinking or being aware, when Wed i placed a bet on the footie, just without thought and just to try and win a few pounds extra - an insignificant amount at that! Luckily, the bet i placed was in my ex-wife's name; it was declared a "void bet". This is some small consolation that it did not cost me a single penny for my moment of madness. The online bookie account i had quickly registered i have now switched off and blocked. In the previous 4 and half years, i had coped so well - never really even being tempted to bet. This was a real "bolt out of the blue" and a wake up call. I need to learn from this and ensure it never happens again. Has anyone had similar experience after long period gamble free? I can't believe i was so stupid and sloppy to let this happen
Thanks for your sharing that story John. I have been gamble free from gambling through GA for 10 years and that was a good reminder that I am only 1 bet away from insanity. Guess the old monkey will always be sitting on my shoulder ready to jump, although to be honest I very rarely think about gambling these days. I gave up smoking two years ago and also very rarely think about smoking but every now and again will wake up and think I will have a smoke or sometimes even dream of having one. I treat these odd occassions with the same thought and say I no longer smoke. Say the same for gmbling - I no longer gamble and just work a bit harder with the twelve steps.
Best wishes

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