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My Husband is a CG
Hi, I am new to this forum but for two weeks have been reading the postings on here and on other forums. My husband of nearly 10 years is a compulsive gambler and 2 weeks ago I left home and am staying at my daughters. I first discovered about his gambling about six years ago when he confessed to owing a lot of money.I was shocked but stood by him and he paid it off and promised he would stop. I don't know if anyone else has the added problem of their compulsive gambler having absolutely no sex drive but this continued to be a problem even when he wasn't gambling. About six months later I found a betting slip; he had started to gamble again (that's if he ever stopped). I asked him to leave but he wouldn't so I did. He then started to attend GA and we got back together. He attended GA for 4.5 years gamble free then said he didn't want to go anymore and that he could handle it himself. That was in November 09. In April of this year, I started to think what was the point of our relationship as by this time it was over 12 months since we had any kind of intimacy. I was about to approach him about this and have the talk AGAIN as of many times before, when my instincts told me he was gambling again. When I asked him, he said he had been since December and owed money again to family and friends. He swore he would stop and he would go back to GA and he would come to counselling about the relationship. He paid all the money back but then said he didn't want to attend GA and didn't want to discuss anything with counsellors; he could do it on his own and he would try 1000% in the relationship. Well 8 weeks down the road, I was still waiting. Again, I felt like he was gambling and when I asked him he said he was. I told him it was over and moved into the spare room. He carried on as if nothing had happened. I then went to stay with my daughter and am still here now. Tonight I met up with him for the first time to talk. I had written down what I wanted him to do before I would go home. Top of the list was to go back to GA. I thought he would do this to get back together but he is still saying he doesn't want or need to - he can do it himself. He has text me for the last 5 days saying I haven't had a bet today love and miss you so. I thought he would be ready to go back. We have a holiday booked in 13 days time. I would like to go as we are visiting his son whom is the manager of a hotel in Muscat but feel I am letting my guard down by doing this. I am so confused and mixed up about this. I just don't know what to do anymore.

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