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Need some help
My son has a gambling problem he says he has no money but there is evidence he is using his wages out of the bank for gambling, what can i do about this because he is in denial and my fear is he will have no money to live on, he has been borrowing money to fund his habbit and does not think it is a problem, but he can't pay them because the interest on these debts is 100% or more what can we do about this.

The last straw is he does not want to pay his travel, so he has now been fined from the courts because he has been jumping the train to fund his habbit.
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my partner is a CG and it took me 2 years to get him to realise he had a problem, then another 18 months to get him to get help!
if he is denial, there is not much you can do. he has to admit to being a CG and wanting help. it is extremely tough to watch a loved one to 'self destruct' and suffer, but you will suffer even more if you start giving him money or allowances. try and get him to go to CAB to see if you can get any help with his debts, but DONT pay them off. because if you do, he will rake up the debts again unless he realises he has a problem.
if you need any support or more advice, PM me

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