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Working the steps
Thanks for your comments Helen and Kinnor.I appreciate your help and of course your words are very true.I don't work the 12 step recovery programme and my recovery isn't good at all.I somehow stumble through each day,and like you I am in a whole world of debt and been down the same road on more than hundreds of times.Yes each time I seem to go longer without a bet,but then I fall down again and get deeper into the black hole of debt,which then makes me more depressed and I am now at an age(44)where I realise my best years are long gone.This now doesn't give me any motivation to continue in life,everything is a 1000 times harder than even 10 years ago,and the best 2 -3 years of my life were when I was 18-21.Since those days life has steadily got worse and worse until now the life has drained mentally and phsically out of my body and I dont know how to breath new life into myself,if there is anything left.The future is black and bleak,whichever way I look at it,but just for today I havent gambled,now 54 days.Andy.
Hi again Andy,
Well done 54 days are good! Give your recovery a go and days pass quickly then weeks and then years! I understand your depression but you need to get your 'spirit' back, the spirit we were born with. We need to keep everyday busy and the first thing I do everyday when I wake is to read The Day At A Time book and then plan what I will do with the rest.
You are still only young - 44? you are in your prime, but don't waste anymore years to gambling, I was 54 when I finally got into recovery and each and every day is good for me. I still have big hurdles to jump and sometimes life just dosn't seem fair but I try to meet problems on life's terms.
You take great care Andy

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