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roullette,horses,football betting is ruining my life
HI Everyone, i am 26 years old and think i have got a bad gambling problem,i just cant stop betting everytime i lose i just need to win it back.
I have a half decent job so to lose several hundred pounds a week doesnt really affect me that much but it can be much more when i start chasing my losses.
I have recently started playing online roullete were you can loose hundreds in about three spins.It is really starting to ruin my life, ive simply had enough,it puts me in a bad mood when i lose and really gets me down, but when i win its the best feeling on earth,i suppose thats what makes me a gambler!

Has anyone got any advice on here for me as i cant carry on like this, and i cant see myself goin to a ga meeting. thanks guys

Just read your message......I was in the same situation some time ago, where I would bet on anything that moved. Bills were not being paid and the debts eventually mounted up.

I didnt' feel that a GA would help, but reluctantly I went to about 10 meetings over a period of 4 months. There was a lot of benefit in going and I did recieve a lot of help and heard a lot of stories regarding gambling problems and addiction.

Like you I have a good job and three years on have repaid my debts in full without going for an IVA or bankruptcy.

I would urge you to go to a GA meeting as it helped me a great deal. My life is a whole lot better and I no longer have "mad periods" of punting and chasing losses.

Ubrmad (AD)
step one is recognizing you have a problem,so well done,but very few if any manage to overcome
it without the support of meetings;the support of those closest to you is also invaluable;just say today i will not bet.all the best from a fellow cg
thanks for replying dave im just gonna drill it in my head not to bet ever again as i dont want to go through the feelin i have endured these past couple of weeks
YOU need to go to a MEETING if you really want to STOP,as until you stop making excuses and get off your butt and do something about it you will carry on doing the same things time and again with the same results.
as for doing on your own it wont happen.
Ga works but only if you want it to.
try GA for 90 days and work hard at stopping and if you still feel its not for you then you can have your missery back.

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