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my story.
I finally came to GA 7 weeks ago after knowing for most of my adult life i had a serious problem. I first started gambling on fruit machines when i was a teenager, i worked as a paper boy getting up 7 days a week for a few pound. I would get paid on a Satarday i would get the bus up to Falkirk and spend my well earned cash at the leisure centre, more often than not i had to walk the 8 miles home a few hours later as i had spent all my money. Eventually i stopped playing the bandits but deep down i knew there was something not right. My gambling was not too bad in my late teens. I started going in to the bookies in my early twenties and that was it the start of an absolute nightmare for me and everyone close to me. The real severe problems came when the roulette machines came into the bookies. I could spend hundreds in three hours, money that was supposed to go into other things, that lead to debt and break ups, then contemplation of suicide. That process has been in my life for the last 10 years. Now finally i have came to GA so i can break the cycle that would have ineviatably killed me. I am only 7 weeks in but already i feel better, i can sleep and if i follow the steps i will succeed, thanks GA.
hello thensdnster, it's always good to know someone who's overcoming;
Well done!! i'm happy for you and i hope you handdle the situation and stay clean forever.

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