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My first two experiences with GA are not good.
First of all I am in the U.S. I could not find a GA forum there online.

My first experience was calling and when I was connected to someone the guy was unfriendly and sounded like it was a duty rather than him being there to help people.

I called to find out if I could attend any meeting because I saw online that some were beginner meetings and some are more advanced. He said I could attend any meeting.

My second experience is actually driving to a meeting, this was a new member meeting. There was only one car in the church parking lot. I parked a few cars over from him. At around 6PM when the meeting was supposed to start another man showed up and he got out of his car and greeted the other man. They then walked over to a side door of a church but it was locked.

I then drove off. I wish they had walked over to my car and asked if I was there for the meeting. I hope I will try again at another time at another meeting. I know I need help and I don't want to hit rock bottom to get it.

Sorry to hear you have had a couple of bad experiences but hopefully I can explain a little for you. The person on the phone is only a volunteer and his main role is to direct you to meetings and not generally to talk to people about their problems as this could prevent other people from connecting to the helpline.

The other experience I'm not quite sure what you are saying, was the meeting closed? If this is what happened then this is unfortunate but again as meetings are only by volunteers things can occasionally go wrong.

You can goto any meeting and when you get there regardless of whether it is 'experienced' (not a term the UK use) you should be welcomed into the group and guided to a recovery.

Please Please Please do not give up trying, keep trying to get to a meeting and at the very worse keep coming back here and on the live chat.

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