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Happy New Year!!! I wish.
Hi there,
What a life, what a mental life, this is the first time that Im posting here, I have gambled for 27 years now & still do not learn my lesson,Im mentally drained by it all. Jan 1st this year I prommised myself yet again new year new start,( i have done that every new years day for the last 27 years) up until Sunday I was down on the year many thousands of pounds, I then went on line after not gambling for 3 weeks & I manged somehow to win it all back. 3 days later I have lost all of it back & more. I have not had time to eat today but have had time to gamble on line & in the bookies, I am drained I hate it , then all of a sudden I miss it again forget about the loses & start to think about the wins.I have tried everything from G.A to Hypntherapy & Self exclusion.
I have just seen my finances yet again & worked it all out bla bla bla, but nothing matters unless I stop & stop for good.I have 3 lovely children & the guilt is now killing me,I cant stop thinking about it day & night what if this what if that.
I am going to a meeting now & I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me.

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