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Please help. I have spent all day losing money on the online casino. The only reason I have stopped is that I have run out of money. I am heavily in debt. My wife gave me some funds a few weeks ago to help sort myself out. She does know the reason why I am in debt. All I have done is spend it all again and I am in a worse position than ever.
I cant spend a day without gambling. I am spending 4-5 hours each day online gambling. This is having such an impact on my life and job. I love my wife and our 4 year old boy, but all I want to do is spend time online gambling. My debts are horrendous. My wife is currently ill, if I tell her the truth I think I could send her over the edge.

I have spent the last 12 months thinking the end result is that I would need to end my life. I don't know why I am thinking like that and to be fair I haven't tried anything. I just think about my son and realise what he would think of me and how his life would be without his dad. But I know I need help.

I was in an amazing place financially 2 years ago. I have spent the last 2 years losing everything. I know I am ill, I know I need to stop. The problem is I don't know how. I dont gamble at the bookies, I rarely attend casino's. Its purely online.

Is there a way I can ban online casino's from my computer/ I think if I could do that I would be able to break this downward spiral which is reaching such an awful low.

Please help. Please.
You need to buy betfilter and install it on your pc it costs approxi
ately £40 for a years subscription and you will not be able to log onto any
gambling websites, not even the lottery. There is also gamblock software
but I had problems with this one, betfilter was much easier, I installed this
software on my pc in December and have never been able to gamble on line
since. You can also self exclude from all casinos, however there are that many
it's easy to create another account. Buy betfilter the installation is simple and you will save a fortune. Best of luck I know it's hard but you won't be dissappointed.
Best wishes

I can tell you just banning yourself from being able to gamble on the pc wont be enough, might work for a while, but unless you want to meet the problem head on and accept that you're beat. If you really want to stop it go to meetings regularly. I tried to stop by myself, but the gambling always creeps in especially when things start to sort themself out.

If you think coming clean to your wife is going to send her over the edge, what do you think her finding out by accident will do? Gambling creates a wonderful little bubble where we don't have to face upto any responsibilities, I laugh now when I think I considered suicide as an option for myself because that's how much I didn't want to just be honest with people and deal with my problem, because I thought so highly of myself (being a self absorped, cheating, stealing, lyiing, moody 24/7) it was quite hard to come to the realisation I wasn't such a great guy after all, sometimes a wakeup is good.

Don't wanna sound harsh here but you talk about ending your life and the effect on your son, but there's no mention of how your ill wife is going to cope?

Go to your local meeting, accept and then deal with the problem, it's not going to go away, it may in the short term but more than likely it'll bite you on the bum down the road when how bad you feel now is a distant memory and there's no one around to remind you.

But well done in recognising you have a problem, the next steps are upto you and I wish you all the best.

For me the meetings saved what was left and made something new.
I am so happy that in the U.S. it's very hard to transfer funds to do online gambling. If not I would be a mess. I'm bad enough going to the casinos nearby.

Good luck. Just remember you will never win. If you win some you will play it back and then some more.
I bought a block filter which guaranteed that it would block all web sites. \What a waste of money. I found a way to remove it within 3 days and was back gambling.
Its better if you go to each gambling site you use and block yourself for free.

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