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I had a lapse today and need to stop. I had gone a week (i know not a long time) without gambling but was so proud of myself but then this morning i got an email from one of the bingo sites and the temptation was there, i knew i shouldnt have logged on and felt really sick after i had done it, i feel so guilty and ashamed again. I have gone through them all now to self exclude which i know i should have done a long time ago but will this temptation ever go. Does anyone else still get the temptation to gamble please help!!!!
please do not give up. I was once in your shoes. I had gambled for 20/25 years and had given GA four tries before I got my act together. I am now quite far away from a bet hopefully, clean for almost four years thanks to Derby GA and all my friends there. As we are always taught, (and I even use that theory today, after all this time) ONE DAY AT A TIME.
One day becomes, one week, one week becomes a fortnight, two fortnights become a month and so on and so on. If there is a meeting in your area maybe you could give this a try, we all try to be a friendly bunch and offer as much help as we can.
Keep on plugging away at this and if it is on line bingo that is your thing maybe you could enquire into loading gambling blocking software onto your computer. This blocks all gambling sites and could be a good help to you, anyway all the best for the future superdebs
You are not alone in having a lapse, yes it makes you feel sick afterwards regardless if you have won or lost. But you just start again, one day at a time, 'just for today' i will not gamble. It is never easy,temptation is always there,and you are constantly reminded of gambling. Be realistic, there is no easy solution, only you can beat gambling, be strong. You may have help and support from family and friends, do it for them, but most of all do it for you, make them proud,be proud of yourself, even for the one week you didn't bet you had made some progress, small steps at a time. I wish you well.
Thank you very much for your advise and encouragement, since i posted that message i havent bet so thats over a week and very pleased like you say one day at a time !!!!!!
You are not alone,I have slipped on probably over 100 times,if not more,going for 1 week,1 month,2 months,3 months and so on,but never managed a full 1 year,but still keep trying and the only way to do it,is the GA way,1 day at a time.Good luck,Andy a compulsive gambler.

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