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Hi everyone my name is john Im 27 and i have a serious gambling problem. I know i have a problem but only realise this when i am pennyless!! i always think im strong enough to give up the next time i get paid and be strong. i can never seem to be. im always thinking of winning easy money! The trouble is u can win so easy and its great but u can also lose too! u will always lose more than u win in the long run, im gambling so i can have money to gamble. what is the point in that??? why dont i just not gamble?? anyways this is my second day of not gambling and thats only because i have no money!!! i have to be strong. im not working hard anymore to give my money away to the bookies. its my money and im going to use it to treat myself my girlfriend and my children. live life and ditch the rotten gambling. 2 DAYS AND THE ONLY WAY IS UP!!
Hi John,

Okay so you're not gambling but you don't have any money, even so you can still build on this. I used to get paid monthly at my old job and it eventually got to a point where withing 2-3 days it would all be gone, i'd have to borrow/steal just to get to work, obviously i tended to end up back at the bookies instead. It didn't start like that, just a quick progression.

If you really want to give yourself the best chance you can then i'd highly advise going to your local meeting, you've already said that you stop gambling when you don't have money but as soon as you get some it dies. Also, although it's nice to have this idea that you're going to treat your girlfriend and child with the money you don't gamble. I'd say concentrate more on just not gambling, I'm pretty sure that the person you can become overshadows a money based treat. I think maybe get away from having money as a focus for making yourself and people around you happy.

I really hope you can get yourself to a meeting and build on the start you've created for yourself, you don't have to be strong and suffer in silence by yourself!! I was in a similar position to yourself in that I stopped when I had no avenue to get anymore money (Had just told my best mate a sob story to get rent and then spaffed it) as a result I went to my first G.A meeting and never looked back and never felt so good.

One day at a time!

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