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hi all,hope im in the right place which i think i am.This has taken a few weeks and some considerable thought but i dont know where else to go.Basically through years of thinking im not addictd to gambling it turns out i certainly am,the facts are there. years of wins,losses,lost wages,borrowing money,throwing bills in the bin,lies,late timekeeping,slepless nights,mood swings,selective hearing.Last few months it has all come to a head and in weird way im so happy it has,I Need help.So guys thats why im here,il be attending meetings as much as i can and starting today im going to try and never bet again.I am in debt quite alot, i have lied to my partner which is the worst thing i can imagine and feel such a scumbag for doing.i want to stop which i suppose is the 1st step but its easy to say rather than do it. when i sit down and think about what ive done i feel like such a waster and liar, what possesed me to end up like this ,i cant explain it. Im pretty down at the moment to be honest so some encouragement would be good. i hopw ypu are all good and can give some sort of regards wills
you can do it......i only a month ahead of you on the curve but things so much better one month on!
Thanx,the meetings are a very short walk from my home. I have to say i'm embarrassed to attend a meeting and 1 so close to my house,but it has to be done. The big test for me will be nfl season as that was my main thing, but its got to stop. I imagine there will be good days and bad days. Today isnt a good day, not that i feel an urge, just that i feel like crap.
Hi Wills, Congratulations on you decision to go to the GA meetings. You hav e made the first step and that is all you need to attend your first meeting. I have been gamble free for 10 years and I still have bad days but now have the tools through GA to deal with them.
Come back and let us know how your 1st meeting was.
Hi, I am also a gambler. I have tried to stop . There is no help or meetings anywhere near where I live so don't know what to do next.
Anyone got any advice for me.
Hi Wills, trust me I and countless, literally countless, others know EXACTLY how you feel. I have been attending the rooms for 3 1/2 years and have not gambled in that time. You need to attend and work at it. As corny as it sounds 'it works if you work it' and 'keep coming back' are so true. Read and re read the serenity prayer. Once you REALLY understand the prayer (it took me a few months) youwill find the mind copes with life on a different level. It takes time to re-program a brain that is used to the way of life it has been living for a while.

Also check out the 'Day at a TIme' quotes online. Todays especially has given me a much needed kick up the backside and reminded me that I am prone to sit on the pity pot. I believe we all do it at different times and at different degrees, for me the trick is to realise it, recognise it, then deal with it. Again this comes with practice.

Progress not perfection is another good one to remember. I now try not to be perfect and not beat myself up for not achieving or losing something I thought was important. Doing my best is plenty good enough.

well done willis and yes what you describe is a compulsive gambler or an addict which is a hard thing to do.ifeel your pain because i to am one and will be for the rest of my life.i hope you get to that meeting stck at it do as many as possible to keep things fresh that might be hard but spending 6 7 8 hours in meeting each week is a small price to pay whe you think of the time money hurt and pai it has caused to you and anyone in contact with you.lastly i really liked the fact you grasped it is action what will get you through each day good look gph manchester ga

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